Pure Crystal by Karen Low for Women 3.4 Oz Eau De Parfum Spray


Brand Karen Low
Name Pure Crystal
Gender Women
Type Eau De Parfum
Size 3.4 oz
Condition Brand New in Box

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Pure Crystal Perfume by Karen Low, Pure Crystal is a lovely fragrance for women. The floral scent joins with a woody musk to provide the perfect contrast of sweet and earthy. Top notes of grenadine, apple, and freesia open the scent. Grenadine is a bright red, sweet, viscous syrup with a bitter, sweet, tart, and fruity smell. The sweetness of apple combines with that to produce a perfectly sweet and sour smell. Freesia, a southern African plant in the iris family, ands a floral twist to the scent. Middle notes of lotus, peony, and jasmine form the heart of this fragrance. Lotus, a water lily, brings in a dreamy forgetfulness to the feeling of the perfume. Peony smells like a bouquet of flowers, while jasmine adds a sweet, rich fragrance. Sandalwood and ambergris finish the fragrance. Sandalwood comes from a class of woods that is fine-grained and extremely aromatic. Interestingly, these woods retain their fragrance for decades. Ambergis, on the other hand, is an extremely rare scent, that contributes to the uniqueness of the fragrance.


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